fredag 3. juni 2011

The night it rained....

So at 6.15 this evening we were al starting to think that we might not be going to meditation tonight, due to some unusually heavy rain. About fem minutes later we had that pretty solidly confirmed as the girls house started to flood.

No kidding.

The water had allready fillet the lowered part of the floor in front of the bathrooms, and started to run over the edge onto the floor of the commonroom. Fast. And from the commonroom..? Into our bedrooms of course!

I did go up to the boys house to see if I could find another squiggy, and ended up wading through water up to my knees. I had to hold on to the railing as I climed the stairs, the flow was so strong! And for this effort I didn't even get a squiggy-thingy...

So, with one squiggy-thingy, two brooms and eight hands we started trying to divert the water from our bedrooms an onto the other side of the kuti so that it could flow out. Now, almost three hours later, we're finally ready to go to bed! Our backpacks were on the floor and are of course wet on the bottom. As is pretty much everything else that we're on the floor in our room, but so far it seems that nothing is ruined.

I am now finally tucked into my mosquito net, and very ready for some well deserved sleep! Crossing my fingers for no more rain during the night....!

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