torsdag 2. juni 2011

Getting there

So... Finally, we're here! It definetly took a while.

First, I had to finish my exam of course. Forty-something questions about marine ecology - not fun, but I did finish it. And had time left over to say goodbye to some friends and run around like beheaded chicken at home. Good for me!

I allmost fell asleep on the bus to the airport, and pretty much died of boredom when I finally got there. As always, I had around two hours of waiting before I could get on my flight. I need to learn about getting there just in time some time soon....

Flight to Amsterdam was good, and the run through Schiphol wasn't too bad either. I got to the gate just as it changed from Boarding to Gate Closing, which at least meant less waiting time in this particular airport.

The flight started out pretty good, but as we got to around Afganhistan we hit an area with some awful turbulence! I do have this dream about travelling to Afganhistan, but travelling over it was definetly not that nice this time. Luckily, the plane had no problem handling this turbulence - like always - and I got to Bangkok with time to spare.

Afte a short wait for Tine at the airport, we finally got in a taxi headed for Kanchanaburi. Both of us pretty tired, so we ended up falling asleep on the way. Finding a room at the Jolly Frog was no problem, and we even got one with AC. Luxury! Exept from getting a room, we spent our nuight in Kanchan by doing some shopping at Tesco, getting some food at One More Bar and a peeerfectly relaxing foot massage at one of the massage places.

Which brings us to today. We got up around 7 am, headed out for some breakfast, phone cards and other neccecities. We also booked a ride to the temple - which ended up being a scooter with a side cart. That was definetly an interesting ride - approximately an hour in this little cart, with two huge backpacks, two small ones, a matress and a variety of other small bags. But again - we did get here, and so did all our stuff!

And now I'm done with another first day at the temple, and I'm allready enjoying it soo much! More about that later. :)

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