mandag 6. juni 2011

Dead computer....

And on my third day here no less!

Well, I guess this is a chance for me to learn how to live without it for a little bit. A lesson I'm not too keen on learning to tell you the truth.

Anyhow. Today is my day off, and I'm currently in Kanchanaburi where I'm enjoying different kinds of food (like chicken wings, mmmm), a nice bed and a shower that works properly. The only thing missing down here is the tigers really. And for my next day off there is a good chance I'll just stay at the temple and play tourist for the day. Get some tiger time, some good photos and just enjoy.

Up to now the experience of the tiger temple has been pretty much the same as last year, the biggest difference being some new people. And they all seem like nice people so all the better.

The cubs we walk to the sala this year are 4-6 months, while last year we had 2 month olds. These guys are a little bit more action, a little easier to walk and of course a little bigger. And I'm enjoying it alot!!

The tourists are mostly the same as last year as well. A lot of nice people, some stupid people and some people who never should have been there in the first place. But it's their choice I guess, so I'll just try to focus on the nice ones.

This blog will probably be updated whenever I have internet access, which might be at random times from now on. Fingers crossed for getting the computer to work again!

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