fredag 3. juni 2011

First day (again)

So, today was my first real day back. And it does feel like I never even left, and I LOVE it! The tigers from last year are a lot bigger of course, and I don't yet know the ones that are small now, but except from that this could just as easily have been July 2010.

The breakfast this morning consisted of rice and chili sauce, with a small bag of vegetables and pork on the side. And of course - the mandatory watermelon for dessert. The chili sauce was just as good as last year, and my stomach was just as angry at me afterwards as it was last year. At breakfast I got to spend a lot of time with a real cutie, Way Ha II. Not sure how old he is, but he is a real sweet little guy, so hoping to get to know him a little better.

My job today after breakfast was cleaning behind the cages. All though it's kinda messy and smelly, I actually quite like it. It gives you a lot of face time with the bigger tigers, which I definetly need after being away for so long. Hard to remember names as faces!

I spent enrichment watching some of the bigger tigers playing outside (among others, Happy and Money from "our" babies last year), and then cuddling the month olds before having some lunch at noodle town.

This afternoon was also my first time back in the canyon, and even though crowd control can be a bitch I loved it! It is soo good to be back.

Right now it's about 5.30pm, which means I've allready had a shower, changed into clean clothes and just waiting for it to be time to go to meditation. Last night me and Tine didn't have to do meditation because of all the organizing and unpacking we had to do, so that will be another seconds first today. And I'm actually looking forward to it. :)

Finishing off with some pics of our bathroom/shower. Enjoy!

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June Larsen sa...

Haha, still the same same bathroom conditions as in 2009 I see... Good to hear that you're both doing well :) Hoping for an update on things on FB when you have settled down and find the time for it! I'm still counting the days... today: 24...! Take care :) xxx