søndag 3. juli 2011

Chiang Mai so far

We got to the train station in Chiang Mai somewhere around 6.30 this morning. 11 hours on a train was not what my body had ordered, and I was tired and pretty much stiff as a board.

We found a taxi right outside and told him to take us to a guest house we found in the Lonely Planet guide. So he did, or so we thought.. We arrived at what we thought was the right guest house, only to be surprised by the price that was pretty much 3 times what we expected. Since it was now 6.40 am and we had no tuk tuk we just decieded to stay, since we're just staying the one night anyway. The place is nice and clean and the night marked is pretty much right down the street from here.

We've now booked a zip-line tour tomorrow (www.jungle-flight.com), and I can't wait to try that! So far today, we've walked around the city, had brunch in a middle eastern restaurant (I had the chicken chawarma, YUM!), got a foot massage (where I nearly fell asleep) and then had a couple of hours relaxation in our room before doing som picture transfers and blog updating.

Right now we're starting to get ready for the night marked and hopefully an early night as we're being picked up between 6.30 and 7.00 tomorrow for the zip-line. Can't wait!! :)

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