lørdag 2. juli 2011

Changing plans.. And then changing them again!

After a month at the temple, I've now started my somewhat aimless travelling with June by my side.

Our plan was to go to Ayutthaya yesterday, preferably by bus from Kanchanaburi, early in the morning. That plan fell through as the only minibus leaving Kanchan left at 1.30pm. Too late we decided. Since the plan was to go to Chian Mai with the night train after spending the day in Ayutthaya, we decided we might as well go directly there in stead. Sooo.. Tickets were booked to Bangkok, and we arrived at Khao San Road with hopes high and stomachs empty. A quick stop by KFC took care of the last bit, and some heavy rain shopping just got our spirits even higher. We weren't exactly thrilled we had to stop by Bangkok, but it turns out it wasn't so bad after all.

After that short visit to the backpacker centre of Bangkok we headed to the train station to get our tickets to Chiang Mai. We knew the train should be leaving at 8pm and had lots of time. Actually, it turns out we had a lot more time than we had expected.... When we got to the train station we quickly found out that all trains and buses to Chiang Mai were fully booked because of todays election. So, what now??

We tried to find out when the next option would be, and after realizing it wouldn't be until the following evening we decided we had to do something else. We didn't want to spend the night in Bangkok, but going to Chiang Mai was definetly not an option.

Well, we decided it was fate, and got a ticket to Ayutthaya in stead! Again, after finding the right platform we nearly ended up in the wrong place - as we managed to get on the wrong train to god knows where. Luckly we asked some neighbour passengers and they told us to get off quickly before the train started moving.

The right train did leave eventually. Almost an hour late and freezingly cold, but it did get us there.

So, we've spent today walking around the temple city of Aytthaya. We saw some of the temples from atop an elephant, and then walked until our feet got sore. We still have some hours until out train leaves for Chiang Mai, and we're trying to spend it relaxing, definetly not letting our feet getting any sorer.

Next update: Chiang Mai!

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