søndag 3. juli 2011

Chiang Mai night market delights

One of my favorite things about markets is the food. I'm not going to lie to you, I enjoy the shopping as well, but the food is something else entirely.

Yesterday we decided to try what Chiang Mai's night market had to offer.

I started with something safe and well known, namely chicken livers. I love the way they cook them in a nice sticky sauce on the tiny little wooden sticks. Ten livers, 15 baht - kept me going for a while.

Next out we had to try something sweet, and went for the waffles with chocolate and condenced milk. To be honest I think I could have eaten quite a few more of those!

Right by the waffle stall I spotted a stall selling sushi, and instantly decided that eating sushi from a market stall in Thailand would be a very bad idea indeed. Which I ended up filling up a tray. Twice. And let me tell you, that 90 baht worth of sushi was my best desicion yesterday. Completely yummy!

ne thing I had promised myself I would not eat on this trip was bugs... But when faced with a dare, how can one refuse?? We bumped into two guys from our guesthouse, and one of them had a bag of crickets with him, and pretty much dared me to taste one. I had to think about that one a little longer than the sushi, but eventually chewed and swallowed the little critter. No, it didn't taste good but it wasn't completely disgusting either. I did have to drink an entire bottle of water tp get it down, and then a butterscotch coffee frappe to get rid of the taste.

All in all, some experiences richer, and definetly that bug point crossed off my list!

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