torsdag 5. juli 2012

Nine monks walk in to a bar

Sounds like the opening to a joke but no, it’s just a Thursday morning. This morning Sugar had invited a band of monks to the bar, and I witnessed my first blessing of a bar and tattoo shop. There was chanting, different rituals and all in all a lot that was new to me. Luckily I have spent so much time at the Tiger Temple that I am at least familiar with some of the proceedings and how to act respectful in the presence of monks. See, having been a volunteer at TT comes in handy in the most diverse ways. This is only my second full day back, but this place just feels like home the way it always does. The little hut by the river is amazing – we have a view that even a few resorts would envy us! And as to the worry of no longer having a cat.. Well there are seven in residence here, and they don’t exactly leave us alone much. The same can be said for the three dogs. Although a little apprehensive at first they’ve taken to us pretty well. I guess the pork, the white bread and any other scraps of food need to take some of the credit for that. It’s definitely hot though, and it takes some getting used to but it’s not like I wasn’t expecting that. So far I only have a slight sunburn on my shoulders, and with the aircon in the room I really shouldn’t be complaining at all. After all, compared to the girls kuti at TT, this is a real luxury! And if the little hut wasn’t good enough already, we actually have a tiny kitchen corner on our balcony! Just a propane burner, a rice cooker and a wok but what else do you really need? I’m definitely going to explore the culinary possibilities these facilities can serve. Let’s see.. Not much else is new here. After a nap my first night back I was woken up by the grand tiger whisperess herself – Jules! Just chilling on the balcony with great friends was absolutely the best way to spend the first night back. And in a few days, hopefully I should be able to see the rest of the TT gang and (perhaps even better) the tigers! Can’t wait to get a tiger cuddle – two and a half months is just too long to go without. At the moment I am relaxing out on my wonderful aforementioned balcony. Hanson on the speakers, cold water from the fridge and a delicious (?) peanut butter sandwich newly consumed. I really don’t need a whole lot more than this! As there is no internet connection here yet, this will probably not be posted today, but something tells me the next days will bring more of the same anyways… Until next time!