søndag 29. mai 2011

Counting down

Two more days. TWO! Today is Sunday, which means that in less than 48 hours I'll have finished my exam and will be on a plane headed for Amsterdam. Yes - that does give me butterflies!

I've finished packing (I think?), and I have a list of some last minute things I need to add to my carry on. Should mean I'm not going to forget anything essensial this time either, but you never know. The good thing is that Thailand is pretty cheap, and you can find pretty much anything you need at either Tesco Lotus or at one of the many markets. So.. Fingers crossed for no larger emergencies.

I should be arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport sometime before 1pm local time on wednesday, which means somewhere around 7am Norwegain time. I've allready booked a car to come pick me up so that I don't lose too much time getting to Kanchanaburi. After all, I have quite a list of stuff to get when I finally get there - such as a mosquito net and a matress, which are things I'm not very interested in being without even for a week.

Another thing is that my Norwegian friend, Tine, will arrive some hours ahead of me and I'm really looking forward to start showing her the wonder that is Kanchanaburi! Last year I didn't know a single soul before going to the temple, and this year I'm lucky enough to share the month with a good friend! Of course, this time around I'm super excited to come back to all the awesome people at the tiger temple as well.

And if that wasn't enough... After Tine and I finish our month at the temple, we will be joined by June - another past tiger temple volunteer and travelling wizz extraordinaire!

The three of us will head to Ayutthaya first, then further on to Chiang Mai before heading south to Phi Phi Islands for some nice long days in the sun. Tine will be heading home on July 17, which gives me and June another two weeks to explore southern Thailand and hopefully some parts of Cambodia as well. We haven't planned too much just yet - which is some of the fun of backpacking, but we have booked our flights from Chiang Mai to Phuket, just to be sure we get the flight we want and don't end up stuck in the north for too long.

Sooo.. That's about it for now. I'll try to update my blog as much as possible, and for anyone interested in reading more, Tine and June will be blogging as well.

lørdag 21. mai 2011

The times they are a-changin'...

By popular demand (by which I mean a couple of people who've asked me why I don't blog in english), my blog from this year's stay at the tiger temple will be in english.

That way I can refer more people to it when they ask about my experiences, and I won't have to do separate updates in english. Win-win I hope!

So, today is Saturday, which means there's now only TEN days left 'til I'm on a plane headed for Bangkok. I have an exam that same day - so no doubt about that being the most stressful day I've had in a while.... Still, pretty sure it'll be worth it and more. After all, there are tigers and travelling involved!

For now I need to get back to studying, packing and planning, but in about twelve days this blog will hopefully once again be full of tigers, monks and Thailand fun!